In Case This Writing Thing Doesn’t Pan Out – Xmas Edition

I’m considering a few career alternatives. Which one do you prefer?







For earlier options click here, or here or here and also here or here too.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year one and all!

About Madame Paradox

Heidi David is a writer and freelance producer. She is the author of an as yet unpublished novel, THE FLYING JEWEL; the tale of a traveling circus where the price of admission is one's free will.
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8 Responses to In Case This Writing Thing Doesn’t Pan Out – Xmas Edition

  1. Joel Freeman says:

    I thought the last one was a swim suit model .

  2. Peter Wilkin says:

    Starbuck’s barista: very impressed if you can do that without spilling any, HD 🙂 But I reckon you can stop worrying about having to find an alternative career pathway – 2011 will surely be the year when your incredible writing talent brings you your deserved rewards.

  3. Brenda Kezar says:

    Don’t forget “professional wine drinker” (I mean ‘taster.’ Yeah. That’s what I meant). That’s my alternate if writing doesn’t work out.

    • Brenda, thanks so much for stopping by. Now of course I’m going to have to find one of my quirky pictures that goes along with “professional wine taster”. Hmmm, I think I know just which one…to be continued.

  4. Fungi says:

    I vote for the first one because it can spin off into a reality show and would still leave you plenty of time and energy for ascribin’.

    • In the reality show can I come out of the water ala Esther Williams with my eyes wide open and my perfectly wrapped purchases dry and intact? I mean that’s how the rest of my real life normally is after all, big musical numbers, not a hair out of place. 🙂 I suppose in hindsight prepping for the Iditarod might be rather time consuming…

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