Some Bloody Gruesome Characters for Halloween

Yesterday in the midst of working on today’s post a challenge presented itself on twitter, courtesy of Frank Delaney.  The chance to write up the creepiest character studies I could, using the prerequisite twitter 140 characters.  I must say my fiction muscles have been feeling atrophied lately and this task was just the thing to get my despicable motor running.  Which speaks to a level of deviance you’re all concerned about, I’m sure.  But don’t call the asylum just yet, at least not until after you’ve read these little gems. 

The pulse in her neck faded beneath his grasp.  Gerard licked the tiny brown mole on her chin.  “Goodbye mother,” he whispered.

The doctor dug a spearmint flavored toothpick between two teeth picking out the shredded remains of her perfumed bosom.

Why must they stare?  He removes and eats the peering eyes.  The children’s are sweetest.  Plump, bursting in his mouth like berries.

Her brother’s lifeless body dangled from the tree branch above.  When Trina squinted he looked just like a dead crow she’d seen once.

As he watched her heart flutter beneath the flimsy shift, the knowledge that soon it would be shattered almost made him ejaculate.

Using a jeweler’s loupe for precision, he carefully plucked the legs off a centipede leaving one behind to squirm in confusion.

The figure in the garden beckoned.  No longer a mother.  Bees crawled beneath her flesh flying in and out of the mouth and nose.

The blue-tinged digit poking up out of her bowl of oat bran did not deter Lee’s breakfast consumption.  Fiber is fiber, after all.

Got a favorite?  Tell me about it.  Or give this exercise a try yourself, it’s really fun! While you shake off the creepitude, I’ll go back to working on my next post.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more dark inspiration check out Atlas Obscura a very cool site featuring unusual places throughout the world.  They have tweets (I can’t believe this is part of my vernacular now) called “Morbid Mondays” where they link to truly gruesome tourists spots–the purrfect halloween honeymoon for you zombie brides ‘n grooms.  Psychotic cackle, fade to black.

About Madame Paradox

Heidi David is a writer and freelance producer. She is the author of an as yet unpublished novel, THE FLYING JEWEL; the tale of a traveling circus where the price of admission is one's free will.
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4 Responses to Some Bloody Gruesome Characters for Halloween

  1. Steve David says:

    Seriously creep stuff.

  2. Kate says:

    He shook his head disgustedly, the butcher knife paused in mid-descent. Blades just didn’t cut through finger bones the way he remembered.

    She slipped the stiletto back on her foot in a practiced manner, pausing first to wipe a speck of brain matter on her handkerchief. Better.

    Man, this is fun. So much better than the paying work I should be drafting right about…yesterday.

    • Yay, someone added to the twisted fun!! Stilettos and brain matter deeeelightful. I hope it inspire all sorts of deviant impulses. I’ve heard getting paid can be lovely, remind me what it’s like, would you? 😉

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